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Criminal Law

Criminal law is a main focus of my practice, due to the amount of experience I have in the criminal justice field. I was a police officer for ten years, and during that time I worked every kind of case from speeding tickets to murders. After law school, I was an assistant solicitor in South Carolina for almost two years. As a solicitor, I prosecuted cases from domestic violence and DUI's to attempted murders. This experience has given me a unique and expansive knowledge of criminal cases, how they are investigated, prepared for trial, and tried.

Family Law

Family law is a main focus of my practice because when I was in law enforcement, I saw time and again how people needed good advice and guidance in their lives on legal matters. These nice folks would again and again have turmoil and drama in their lives because they were not told what their rights were in a given situation, or they would put up with others in their lives who would take advantage of them because they simply did not understand that there was something they could do to change their lives for the better. I went into law enforcement to help people, and I saw how sometimes, being arrested was the impetus for positive change in a person's life.

Personal Injury

Personal Injury law is a focus of my practice because I feel it is in this area that I most often feel like I am directly helping my clients. Clients often come to me because they have been in a car accident and were not in fault, but still the insurance company will not pay for medical bills, and time lost from work, etc.