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Criminal law is a main focus of my practice, due to the amount of experience I have in the criminal justice field. I was a police officer for ten years, and during that time I worked every kind of case from speeding tickets to murders. After law school, I was an assistant solicitor in South Carolina for almost two years. As a solicitor, I prosecuted cases from domestic violence and DUI’s to attempted murders. This experience has given me a unique and expansive knowledge of criminal cases, how they are investigated, prepared for trial, and tried. I have seen how crimes are committed and also why crimes are committed. Therefore, I can use my understanding, compassion, and creative thinking to help clients resolve their cases in a manner that derives the most benefit for them. I use this knowledge base to help clients charged in all levels of crimes, from municipal, magistrate, and general sessions courts.

This knowledge level is especially helpful to a client who has been charged in a crime. This is because I pair this knowledge with the personalized service each of my clients deserve and receive in my practice. I do not let my clients leave voice mails if I am in the office if I can help it. Often, clients who have criminal charges are scared or have concerns that come up and they need to speak to their attorney in order to understand what is happening with their case. That is why I do not take every case that comes to me because I feel that I need to be able to give my clients the attention their cases deserve. That personalized service sometimes costs a little more, but for the client who never had to work to get in touch with their attorney on their case, it is worth it, especially when their liberty is at stake.