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DUI is a main focus of my practice because when I was in law enforcement, I saw time and again how good people sometimes made mistakes. These mistakes can sometimes cost someone their freedom, money, and even their job. I went into law enforcement to help people, and I saw how sometimes, being arrested was the impetus for positive change in a person’s life. As an attorney, I still see how in certain situations, something that might be upsetting at the time, such as a DUI, can be the beginning of a positive change in someone’s life, and I feel honored to be chosen to help a client begin that positive change in their life, such as getting a second chance and making better choices.

A client of mine can expect two main things: personal service with their legal issues and my constant guiding principle of what can I do to help this client make their life better or get a second chance. I must give personal service in order to understand what it is the client thinks would help them most. It is not for me to say what will make a client most satisfied after getting a DUI, that is the client’s prerogative. It is my job to try to do what it is the client wants to make them satisfied. In order to discover what it is the client wants, I must charge a fee that is high enough to ensure that I am not just doing assembly line legal work, but have the time to really understand and help each individual client.