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Personal Injury law is a focus of my practice because I feel it is in this area that I most often feel like I am directly helping my clients. Clients often come to me because they have been in a car accident and were not in fault, but still the insurance company will not pay for medical bills, and time lost from work, etc.

In my practice in this area, I tend to focus on those who are not familiar with the system, and don’t know how to navigate through the obstacles in order to simply get back to where they were before they were in an accident that they did not cause. I am not ashamed to say that if a case is too complex or involves novel legal issues that I normally will refer that case to another law firm. That enables me to continue to provide personal service to my clients, so that they are not pushed to the back burner just because they do not have a huge case. As in all cases, my mission is to provide personalized service to my clients, regardless of the fee they have paid.